Series 2 - 4. Codename: Mistaken Identity

Codename: Mistaken Identity
Radio Times
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Jack Seale

Nope, they still haven’t done a weak episode. This week, insane MI5 chief the Examiner (Robert Lindsay) has made an unbroadcastable recruitment video, so Tim and Caitlin step in. But they can’t act until they assume ludicrous, sexed-up B-movie personas.

The role-playing reignites the spark between them and takes Tim out of his normal, footling self. He sticks with the stubble, blond wig and leather jacket even after filming. He’s a new man, and Darren Boyd is a new variety of hilarious.

Meanwhile, Marcus is on a father-and-son TV quiz. Naturally, he’s got a ringer in to replace his embarrassing dad, but the laws of sitcom say the two storylines must meet.

About this programme

4/11. The Examiner is on a recruitment drive and needs a couple of his staff to star in a video. Who better than Tim and Caitlin? It seems like a perfectly good idea, until the pair let their disguised identities get the better of them. Meanwhile, Chris and Marcus decide to use their combined brainpower to appear on a TV quiz. They should walk it - except that the former is hit by nerves when he appears in front of the cameras. Comedy, starring Darren Boyd, Rebekah Staton, Robert Lindsay, Jude Wright and Matthew Baynton.

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Darren Boyd
Jude Wright
The Examiner
Robert Lindsay
Rebekah Staton
Matthew Baynton
Dolly Wells
Mark Heap
Terence Maynard
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