Hatfields & McCoys

Series 1 - Episode 3

Hatfields & McCoys
Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Sturgess

TV can’t alter the incredibly high bodycount that resulted from the real-life Hatfield-McCoy feud, but this series would have more atmosphere if characters weren’t being felled like moonshine-sodden trees. Whose life must be avenged, who is expendable? “Bad” Frank Philips might claim to know. Believed to be the only man savage enough to take the Hatfields down on behalf of the state, he’s employed as a special deputy to do Kentucky’s dirty work.

Johnse, meanwhile, has another reason to visit his uncle in the judge’s office. Out in the woods, he’s had a visit from Nancy McCoy, Roseanna’s manipulative cousin. The influence of officialdom may be weak, but one thing that can’t be undone is marriage.

About this programme

3/5. Part three of five. Three bounty hunters are lured to the area by the generous rewards put on the heads of Anse and his sons. Johnse has taken to living in the woods by his whiskey still, where he is found by Nancy and told that Roseanna wants nothing more to do with him. In an interview with Randall's attorney Perry Cline, Frank Philips lists his experiences with certain celebrated outlaws and declares himself the ideal man to lead a posse against the Hatfields. Starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton.

Cast and crew


`Devil' Anse Hatfield
Kevin Costner
Randall McCoy
Bill Paxton
Johnse Hatfield
Matt Barr
Jim Vance
Tom Berenger
Judge Hatfield
Powers Boothe
Frank Philips
Andrew Howard
Nancy McCoy
Jena Malone
Levicy Hatfield
Sarah Parish
Roseanna McCoy
Lindsay Pulsipher
Perry Cline
Ronan Vibert
Selkirk McCoy
Joe Absolom
Ellison Mounts
Noel Fisher


Kevin Reynolds
Executive Producer
Nancy Duboc
Executive Producer
Leslie Grief
Executive Producer
Dirk Hoogstra