CSI: Miami

Series 10 - 17. At Risk

At Risk

About this programme

17/19. Horatio and the CSI team are called out when a caretaker at a tennis academy is mauled to death by a dog while trying to help coach Larry Hopper - who had been trapped in a locker room with the animal. A racket used to block the door belongs to famous player Jack Brody - who has injuries that look suspiciously like a dog bite - while Walter and Frank find a record of a testimony in which a boy said that Hopper touched him inappropriately. Guest starring Aml Ameen (The Bill).

Cast and crew


Horatio Caine
David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne
Emily Procter
Ryan Wolfe
Jonathan Togo
Natalia Boa Vista
Eva LaRue
Eric Delko
Adam Rodriguez
Walter Simmons
Omar Miller
Frank Tripp
Rex Linn
Ross Hemmet
Christopher Darga
Larry Hopper
Matthew Glave
Mason Torres
Ignacio Serricchio
Jack Brody
Aml Ameen
Austin North
Ty Panitz
Stacy McCann
Dawnn Lewis


Adam Rodriguez
Executive Producer
Anthony E Zuiker
Executive Producer
Ann Donahue
Executive Producer
Jerry Bruckheimer