Antiques Roadshow

Series 35 - 5. Scarborough Spa Grand Hall 1

Scarborough Spa Grand Hall 1
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Jane Rackham

The last time the Roadshow visited Scarborough, one fortunate person heard their piece of scrimshaw (carved bone or ivory) was worth £40,000, so everyone’s hopeful they’ll follow suit. While it doesn’t reach that sort of valuation, an Italian figurine by Lenci bought from a Whitby charity shop for £30 turns out to be a canny purchase. “What made you buy it?” asks an incredulous Will Farmer. It turns out the owner recognised the name from a previous edition of the show.

Although they save the most valuable item till last, it’s the price put on a teacup that gets the best open-mouthed response – swiftly followed by an anxious “Don’t drop it!”

About this programme

5/25. Fiona Bruce and the team visit the North Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough, where more hopeful members of the public bring along their antiques and collectibles to hear about their history and learn their worth. Items include a carved tribute to a Spitfire pilot killed in action, one of the earliest fridges and a Fijian war club known as a buli buli.

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