Dara O Briain's Science Club

Series 1 - 1. Sex/DNA

Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Sturgess

Not just a funny face, Dara O Briain has a degree in maths and theoretical physics. He can also keep a studio full of egos in order, so he’s the ideal host for this big new science show encouraging thinking in public and plenty of it.

Topics will include extinction, sex, Einstein, space exploration, brain chemistry and music, with talking heads including engineer and materials scientist Professor Mark Miodownik and the physicist and oceanographer Helen Czerski. They’ll take the most entertaining route to puzzling out the big questions about how science affects our lives. We’re promised experiments using cheese on toast.

About this programme

1/6. The comedian investigates a subject each week from different and unexpected angles, beginning with a look at the worlds of reproduction and inheritance. Dara chats to geneticist Steve Jones and finds out how the bicycle did more to improve the human immune system than any other invention, while stand-up Ed Byrne discovers just how closely related he is to a Neanderthal. Materials scientist and engineer Mark Miodownik creates a DNA cocktail with the help of some strong Polish vodka, neuroscientist Tali Sharot explores the cutting-edge science of epigenetics and science journalist Alok Jha asks if the human genome project was overhyped.

Cast and crew


Dara O Briain
Mark Miodownik
Tali Sharot
Helen Czerski
Alok Jha
Ed Byrne
Steve Jones


Nigel Paterson
Executive Producer
Andrew Cohen
Series Producer
Kaye Godleman