Series 2 - 16. Clark Raving Mad

Clark Raving Mad

About this programme

16/22. Naomi gets off to a bad start with Mr Cannon, who is helping the students with Blaze News. When he gives her a dressing-down in front of her classmates, she decides to retaliate, telling a white lie that soon gets out of control. Elsewhere, Dixon bonds with his birth mother.

Cast and crew


Cherilyn Wilson
Harry Wilson
Rob Estes
Annie Wilson
Shenae Grimes
Dixon Wilson
Tristan Wilds
Naomi Clark
AnnaLynne McCord
Ethan Ward
Dustin Milligan
Ryan Matthews
Ryan Eggold
Erin Silver
Jessica Stroup
Navid Shirazi
Michael Steger
Tabitha Wilson
Jessica Walter
Debbie Wilson
Lori Loughlin
Mr Cannon
Hal Ozsan