Coronation Street

Episode 7987

About this programme

With Audrey now on board, Gloria plots to reveal Lewis's true colours, asking him to move to Spain with her and promising to leave him everything in her will in return. Ken tries to prove to Deirdre that he has been faithful, but when Wendy invites him in for a cup of tea he gets more than he bargained for. Sophie faces up to a difficult future as Jenna discusses the physiotherapy she will need, Tina agrees that she and Tommy will meet Izzy and Gary to discuss her possible pregnancy, while Kirsty seethes when Tyrone makes her late for work.

Cast and crew


Audrey Roberts
Sue Nicholls
Gloria Price
Sue Johnston
Lewis Archer
Nigel Havers
Ken Barlow
William Roache
Deirdre Barlow
Anne Kirkbride
Wendy Papadopoulos
Roberta Kerr
Sophie Webster
Brooke Vincent
Jenna Kamara
Krissi Bohn
Tina McIntyre
Michelle Keegan
Tommy Duckworth
Chris Fountain
Izzy Armstrong
Cherylee Houston
Gary Windass
Mikey North
Kirsty Soames
Natalie Gumede
Tyrone Dobbs
Alan Halsall


Griff Rowland
Phil Collinson
Carmel Morgan