Episode 6387

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Jimmy braces himself to tell Nicola he wants out of the business, but she's more angry at Charity, who has got exactly what she intended. Dan makes things awkward for Rachel and Jai when he invites them both to the party, and he also tries his luck with Lizzie in an attempt to move on from Chas. Elsewhere, Rhona puts Laurel in her place and Sean flirts with Anya.

Cast and crew


Jimmy King
Nick Miles
Nicola King
Nicola Wheeler
Charity Sharma
Emma Atkins
Dan Spencer
Liam Fox
Rachel Breckle
Gemma Oaten
Jai Sharma
Christopher Bisson
Lizzie Lakely
Kitty McGeever
Rhona Goskirk
Zoe Henry
Laurel Thomas
Charlotte Bellamy
Sean Spencer
Luke Roskell
Anya King
Lauren Sheriston


Michael Lacey
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Stuart Blackburn
Caroline Mitchell