Series 1 - 5. Ambassadors

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Hunted doesn’t have a script, it has a knitting pattern with words instead of wool. Depending on your point of view it’s either shaping up to be a classy bespoke garment or it’s already unravelling into a big mess.

Tonight, someone says “We got a situation”, which is the kind of paste that passes for dialogue in baffling thrillers. We know the man with the syringe is back and there has been an explosion. How these two things knot together is anyone’s guess.

Sam (Melissa George) gets into another noisy fight from which she once again emerges unscathed and later arrives at a hop farm whose oast houses seem familiar. “I’ve been here before,” she murmurs. Good,
so can you tell us what’s going on please?

About this programme

5/8. Sam awakes to find a familiar face in her hospital room, a man who divulges a secret about the conspiracy against her. Determined to find out the truth once and for all, she sets out to investigate, and ends up somewhere familiar - the country estate where she was taken as a child after her mother was killed. Melissa George stars in the action thriller, with Adam Rayner, Stephen Dillane and Morven Christie.

Cast and crew


Sam Hunter
Melissa George
Aidan Marsh
Adam Rayner
Rupert Keel
Stephen Dillane
Deacon Crane
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Zoe Morgan
Morven Christie
Ian Fowkes
Lex Shrapnel
Stephen Turner
Stephen Campbell Moore
Natalie Thorpe
Indira Varma
George Ballard
Dermot Crowley
Lewis Conroy
Richard Dormer
Jack Turner
Patrick Malahide
Edward Turner
Oscar Kennedy
Dave Ryder
David Sterne
Tom Beard
Ben Bailey-Smith
Trudy Barnes
Miranda Nolan
Fatima Zahir
Meera Syal
James Hayes
Hector Stokes
Richard Lintern
Mrs Sidwa
Souad Faress
Simran Bains
Manjinder Virk
Blank-faced man
Scott Handy
Sam's mother
Jane Riley
Young Sam
Maddy Griffiths
Sam's doctor
Sagar Arya
Military man
Neil Finnighan
Fatima Zahir interviewer
Miriam Haque


Alrick Riley
Eliza Mellor
Frank Spotnitz