Hatfields & McCoys

Series 1 - Episode 2

Hatfields & McCoys
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

When we left the neighbouring Appalachian clans it looked as if Johnse Hatfield, that handsome young buck who went and got his beloved McCoy
girl pregnant, was about to learn the meaning of “blood feud”. As events escalate tonight, the Johnse/Roseanna situation starts to feel like a sideshow: “It’s a long road down,” sings the mournful voice on the soundtrack, and it certainly feels that way, as another of those drunken election-day fairs in the woods turns ugly.

Hatfields & McCoys could easily become a blur of men in brown settling scores and raising posses, but it’s better than that. It has good, taut dialogue and moving scenes, as tonight when Randolph McCoy’s wife Sally emerges from the shadows to take her misbehaving sons some sustenance.

About this programme

2/5. Part two of five. Johnse's love of Roseanna enrages the McCoys, but Anse arrives with a posse to save him. A minor altercation at a fair escalates into a knife fight, with Ellison Hatfield left gravely injured. Anse takes three of Randall's sons hostage, and declares that the young McCoys will suffer a similar fate if his brother dies. Starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton.

Cast and crew


`Devil' Anse Hatfield
Kevin Costner
Randall McCoy
Bill Paxton
Johnse Hatfield
Matt Barr
Jim Vance
Tom Berenger
Judge Hatfield
Powers Boothe
Frank Philips
Andrew Howard
Nancy McCoy
Jena Malone
Levicy Hatfield
Sarah Parish
Roseanna McCoy
Lindsay Pulsipher
Perry Cline
Ronan Vibert
Selkirk McCoy
Joe Absolom
Ellison Mounts
Noel Fisher
Ellison Hatfield
Damian O'Hare


Kevin Reynolds
Executive Producer
Nancy Dubac
Executive Producer
Leslie Grief
Executive Producer
Dirk Hoogstra