Antiques Roadshow

Series 35 - 4. St Andrews University 2

St Andrews University 2
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Alison Graham

A second visit to the University of St Andrews yields a precious collection of royal memorabilia. It doesn’t feature the modern royals but, as the expert says poetically but with a hint of melancholy about a distant branch of the family, “These are little ghosts who are ebbing away from us.”

Otherwise it’s a painting-heavy episode, including one Victorian picture with a hole made by its owner’s son with a toy bow and arrow. Luckily the damage doesn’t dent the value. If paintings aren’t your thing, maybe you’ll admire a collection of bold German ceramics, bought by its entranced owner for 10p or 15p a time. His investments turn out to be very sound.

About this programme

4/25. Fiona Bruce and the team return to St Andrews University in Scotland, where objects being valued include an exquisitely crafted netsuke - or miniature Japanese sculpture - bought in a charity shop for a few pence, a toy collection that inspired the owner to go on to become a fighter pilot and some of the earliest golfing trophies in the world. Plus, a collector with more than 1,500 pieces of post-war ceramics.

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