Chas & Dave: Last Orders

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

They’ve played with Clapton, opened for Zeppelin and made hits out of sideboards, snooker and talking ten to the dozen. So it’s about time the rocking rabbiteers were shown some respect. Not least for their rejecting the British convention of singing in an American accent.

We duck and dive backstage on Chas & Dave’s final tour to hear what accomplished musicians they are. A 50-year career of confounding collaborations recalls the honest-to-goodness rock of the Kinks and Small Faces. And lest they be dismissed as a comedy act, don’t forget their biggest hit. The heartbreaker Ain’t No Pleasing You? is one of the shining moments of 80s pop. And gertcha if you don’t agree.

About this programme

Documentary offering an insight into Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock's successful five decades in the music industry, which has seen them share the same bill as Led Zeppelin and make a big impact on London's cultural landscape. The film blends archive performances with more recent tour footage and features contributions by Pete Doherty, Jools Holland and Phill Jupitus. Narrated by Arthur Smith.

Cast and crew


Arthur Smith
Pete Doherty
Jools Holland
Phill Jupitus


Julian Hendry
Dan Louw