Hatfields & McCoys

Series 1 - 1. Part One of Three

Part One of Three
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Review by:
David Butcher

Whatever your views on Kevin Costner, this big western saga is a reminder of why he was once such a very big star. He’s superb playing a grizzled, pipe-smoking timber man, Anse Hatfield, caught up in a family feud across the Kentucky/West Virginia border.

His opposite number at the head of the McCoy family is played by Bill Paxton, who makes hay with the part of Randall McCoy, a veteran scarred
by his experience on the losing side of the Civil War. And for good measure there’s Tom Berenger looking awful as a dog-loving psychopath (on the Hatfield side) for whom the feud proves a terrific source of amusement.

So is the tale worthy of these star names? Very much so: it doesn’t rattle along, but stick around and it starts to take on a kind of mythic force. Plus western fans get all the squinting and tobacco-spitting and tough-talk and fiddle music they could hope for.

About this programme

1/3. New series. Part one of three. Fact-based drama starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton chronicling the bitter feud between two families. In the aftermath of the American Civil War, Confederate soldiers Anse Hatfield and Randall McCoy return home and embark on a battle that sees their clans come to blows over love, land and livestock - nearly pushing the states of Kentucky and West Virginia into another conflict. With Tom Berenger, Sarah Parish and Joe Absolom.

Cast and crew


`Devil' Anse Hatfield
Kevin Costner
Randall McCoy
Bill Paxton
Johnse Hatfield
Matt Barr
Jim Vance
Tom Berenger
Judge Hatfield
Powers Boothe
Frank Philips
Andrew Howard
Nancy McCoy
Jena Malone
Levicy Hatfield
Sarah Parish
Roseanna McCoy
Lindsay Pulsipher
Perry Cline
Ronan Vibert
Selkirk McCoy
Joe Absolom
Ellison Mounts
Noel Fisher


Kevin Reynolds
Executive Producer
Nancy Dubac
Executive Producer
Leslie Grief
Executive Producer
Dirk Hoogstra