Episode 6376

About this programme

As the investigation into Carl's death continues, Cameron tries to persuade Chas to run away, but despite believing she's guilty of murder she refuses - determined to face her fate. Meanwhile, Debbie has had enough and storms over to the pub to confront her aunt - followed by the rest of the Dingle family - but she and Dan both get a shock when Charity tells everyone about Chas and Cameron's affair. Elsewhere, Jimmy is terrified of being wrongly sent down for murder.

Cast and crew


Cameron Murray
Dominic Power
Chas Dingle
Lucy Pargeter
Jimmy King
Nick Miles
Rodney Blackstock
Patrick Mower
Dan Spencer
Liam Fox
Bob Hope
Tony Audenshaw
Alex Moss
Kurtis Stacey
Edna Birch
Shirley Stelfox
Pearl Ladderbanks
Meg Johnson
Nicola King
Nicola Wheeler
Debbie Dingle
Charley Webb
Charity Sharma
Emma Atkins
Zak Dingle
Steve Halliwell
Cain Dingle
Jeff Hordley
Nikhil Sharma
Rik Makarem
Gennie Walker
Sian Reese-Williams
Jai Sharma
Christopher Bisson
Rishi Sharma
Bhasker Patel
Georgia Sharma
Trudie Goodwin
Victoria Sugden
Isabel Hodgins
Sarah Sugden
Sophia Amber Moore
Adam Barton
Adam Thomas
Andy Sugden
Kelvin Fletcher
Ali Spencer
Kelli Hollis
Megan Macey
Gaynor Faye
Lisa Dingle
Jane Cox
Robbie Lawson
Jamie Shelton
Val Pollard
Charlie Hardwick
Ruby Haswell
Alicya Eyo
Rachel Breckle
Gemma Oaten
Moira Barton
Natalie J Robb
Diane Sugden
Elizabeth Estensen
Sam Dingle
James Hooton
Laurel Thomas
Charlotte Bellamy
Marlon Dingle
Mark Charnock
Lizzie Lakely
Kitty McGeever
Brenda Walker
Lesley Dunlop
Sandy Thomas
Freddie Jones
Gabrielle Thomas
Annelise Manojlovic
Jude Watson
Andy Wear
DI Drake
David Fleeshman
DC Shawcross
Ryan Early
PC Neil
Marvyn Dickinson
Anthony Schaeffer
Defence solicitor
Elizabeth Rider
Prosecution solicitor
Ryland Teifi
Police officer
Ross Adams
Desk sergeant
Philip Lightfoot
Hannah Kew
Maeve Larkin


Neil Alderton
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Stuart Blackburn
Bill Taylor