Episode 4519

About this programme

Phil's solicitor suggests he would fare much better in the residency case if he were in a stable relationship - and when Sharon helps get him out of a sticky situation with the police, he realises the right person is on his doorstep. A preoccupied Masood forgets about Tamwar's birthday, Lauren is exasperated by Joey's cocky attitude about his infidelity and Cora is determined to find Rainie, so she can be a bridesmaid at Tanya's wedding.

Cast and crew


Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Sharon Rickman
Letitia Dean
Masood Ahmed
Nitin Ganatra
AJ Ahmed
Phaldut Sharma
Tamwar Masood
Himesh Patel
Syed Masood
Marc Elliott
Christian Clarke
John Partridge
Lauren Branning
Jacqueline Jossa
Joey Branning
David Witts
Cora Cross
Ann Mitchell
Jack Branning
Scott Maslen
Tanya Cross
Jo Joyner


Rupert Such
Executive Producer
Lorraine Newman
Paul Mari