Coronation Street

Episode 7980

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Steve has a masterplan, which isn’t saying much because he’s hardly giving a Bond villain a run for their money. His ruse is to pretend to split up with Michelle in the hope that Tracy will immediately lose interest in Ryan. But as he schemes away, eye-rolling and gurning for all he’s worth, the bond between Ryan and his cougar girlfriend is only strengthening. To the point where a ring is being purchased.

Matters are no less fraught at the café where Mary’s French night is causing ructions. This is merely a guess, but surely treating her neighbours to all this new food is playing merry hell with their digestive systems.

About this programme

Steve persuades Ryan that he should make an honest woman of Tracy and propose to her in the Rovers. As bedlam breaks out, Steve is pleased with the results - but how will Michelle react when he tells her what he's really been up to? Gloria confides the real reason she returned to the bosom of her family after Lewis finds her in floods of tears. After putting up with Mary bragging about the success of her pop-up restaurant, Kylie devises a sneaky idea to take the wind out of her sails.

Cast and crew


Steve McDonald
Simon Gregson
Ryan Connor
Sol Heras
Tracy McDonald
Kate Ford
Gloria Price
Sue Johnston
Lewis Archer
Nigel Havers
Kylie Platt
Paula Lane
Mary Taylor
Patti Clare
Michelle Connor
Kym Marsh


Nicky Higgens
Phil Collinson
Mark Wadlow