True Blood

Series 5 - 6. Hopeless


About this programme

6/12. The Authority councillors manage to salvage Bill and Eric's bungled attempt to capture Russell Edgington, and as the former king awaits execution, the loyalists prepare for the fulfilment of a vampire prophecy. Pam continues to bond with Tara, and Alcide decides to take action as the gang of vigilantes targeting supernaturals strikes again. Meanwhile, Jason takes Sookie to the fairy burlesque club, where she discovers the truth about their parents' death.

Cast and crew


Bill Compton
Stephen Moyer
Sookie Stackhouse
Anna Paquin
Jason Stackhouse
Ryan Kwanten
Sam Merlotte
Sam Trammell
Janina Gavankar
Tara Thornton
Rutina Wesley
Pam De Beaufort
Kristin Bauer Van Straten
Lafayette Reynolds
Nelsan Ellis
Eric Northman
Alexander Skarsgard
Jessica Hamby
Deborah Ann Woll
Alcide Herveaux
Joe Manganiello
Russell Edgington
Denis O'Hare
Roman Zimojic
Christopher Meloni
Salome Agrippa
Valentina Cervi
Nora Gainesborough
Lucy Griffiths
Hoyt Fortenberry
Jim Parrack