Antiques Roadshow

Series 35 - 2. Port Sunlight 1

Port Sunlight 1
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team fetch up in Port Sunlight on the Wirral in Cheshire to smile upon yet another crowd of hopefuls clutching carrier bags full of treasures that might or might not be worth a fortune.

One of the experts is in raptures about a glorious trinket and exclaims, “This is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen on the show.” The piece is actually two bits of jewellery joined together to form a necklace.

Elsewhere, admiring eyes are cast over a pastel portrait of Shakespeare found under a print of Charlotte Brontë, and a sweet model of Buckingham Palace made simply of matchsticks.

About this programme

2/25. Fiona Bruce and the team take the roadshow to Port Sunlight on the Wirral, where more hopeful members of the public bring along their antiques and collectibles to hear about their history and learn their worth. Objects include a portrait of Shakespeare discovered beneath another painting, a model of Buckingham Palace made from thousands of matchsticks and one of the most exciting pieces of jewellery seen on the show.

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