Young Dracula

Series 2 - 13. The Chosen One

The Chosen One

About this programme

13/13. Things begin to look bad for the vampires of Stokely when new slayer Kurt shows his enthusiasm to join the hunt, and several bloodsuckers are `dusted'. Vlad is forced to question whether he should accept his fate as a creature of the night to save his family.

Cast and crew


Vladimir Dracula
Gerran Howell
Ingrid Dracula
Clare Thomas
Count Dracula
Keith-Lee Castle
Simon Ludders
Robin Branagh
Craig Roberts
Chloe Branagh
Lucy Borja
Ian Branagh
Ben McGregor
Paul Branagh
Luke Bridgeman
Elizabeth Branagh
Beth Robert
Graham Branagh
Aneirin Hughes
Andy Bradshaw
Jonathan Van Helsing
Terry Haywood
Eric Van Helsing
Terence Maynard
Deputy Head
Marilyn Le Conte


Joss Agnew
Mia Jupp