Person of Interest

Series 1 - 10. Number Crunch

Number Crunch

About this programme

10/23. Reese and Finch are puzzled when the machine brings up four numbers at once, and try to determine what links their latest targets. Reese attempts to contact the first name on the list, but discovers she has just been killed - leaving him with little time to establish what is happening and prevent another tragedy.

Cast and crew


John Reese
Jim Caviezel
Harold Finch
Michael Emerson
Joss Carter
Taraji P Henson
Lionel Fusco
Kevin Chapman
Mark Snow
Michael Kelly
Wendy McNally
Bridget Regan
Jim Hallen
Michael Murphy
Davis Bannerman
Jack Gwaltney
Paula Vasquez
Melonie Diaz
Claire Ryan
Helen Coxe
Matt Dugan
Jeremy Beck


Jeffrey G Hunt
Patrick Harbinson