Winners & Losers

Series 2 - 22. This Is Our Last Goodbye

About this programme

22/22. Rhys and Jonathan decide to get married before he and Zach depart for Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Sophie and Flynn go to Kenya to scatter Cat's ashes and oversee the building of the clinic, Doug struggles with his break-up and Callum and Jenny get engaged. Also, Frances wins her case against Jackson, the belligerent bouncer - but that is not the end of matters.

Cast and crew


Jenny Gross
Melissa Bergland
Sophie Wong
Melanie Vallejo
Bec Gilbert
Zoe Tuckwell-Smith
Frances James
Virginia Gay
Flynn Johnson
Tom Hobbs
Dr Doug Graham
Tom Wren
Zach Armstrong
Stephen Phillips
Jonathan Kurtiss
Damien Bodie
Callum Gilbert
Mike Smith
Nick Simpson-Deeks
Matt O'Connor
Blair McDonough
Brian Gross
Francis Greenslade


Kevin Carlin