The Thick of It

Series 4 - Episode 5

The Thick of It
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

“There goes a tiebreaker in the making: who was Nicola Murray?” says a wag. Poor Nicola (Rebecca Front), her every move dogged by a man dressed as a pork chop, finds herself the target of a torpedo of invective from Malcolm Tucker.

Even for Tucker, this is strong stuff: “You’ve all the charm of a rotting teddybear by a graveside... you headless frump” is one of the milder insults in a firestorm of abuse as he throws Nicola out of what used to be her office in front of her successor, that suave Dalek Dan Miller.

It’s a messy episode that tips into pandemonium when a leaked email sets off a chain reaction.

About this programme

5/7. The unravelling of the key-worker housing sell-off policy forces both Nicola Murray and Peter Mannion onto the defensive, and thus begins a race for the moral high ground. But the more they try to spin the story, the bigger the scandal becomes, in an episode of the political comedy directed by Chris Addison (Olly Reeder). Rebecca Front, Roger Allam and Peter Capaldi co-star.

Cast and crew


Nicola Murray
Rebecca Front
Helen Hatley
Rebecca Gethings
Phil Smith
Will Smith
Peter Mannion
Roger Allam
Emma Messinger
Olivia Poulet
Stewart Pearson
Vincent Franklin
Fergus Williams
Geoffrey Streatfeild
Adam Kenyon
Ben Willbond
Terri Coverley
Joanna Scanlan
Mr Chop
Michael Colgan
Glenn Cullen
James Smith
Robyn Murdoch
Polly Kemp
Joe Cole
Mandeep Dhillon
Malcolm Tucker
Peter Capaldi
Dan Miller
Tony Gardner
Olly Reeder
Chris Addison
Samantha Harrington


Chris Addison
Adam Tandy
Armando Iannucci
Roger Drew