A to Zeppelin

A to Zeppelin
Radio Times
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Jane Anderson

You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting A is for Axe-man, B is for Bonzo, C is for Communication Breakdown, for this is, undoubtedly, the A to Zee of Led Zeppelin. By the end you’ll believe the greatest rock band in the world was created and nurtured thanks to the USA, as this documentary neatly sidesteps the band’s debt to British folk. For a fuller — and funnier — picture look to Down the Tracks: the Music that Influenced Led Zeppelin at 8pm, with some fascinating insights into Page’s obsession with Aleister Crowley and Plant’s love for Frodo Baggins.

About this programme

Friends, colleagues and contemporaries of Led Zeppelin discuss the rock band's history, including the unusual events surrounding their formation, and global success. The programme reveals how their formidable reputation as a live act enabled them to transform the relationship between artists and promoters, and tour manager Richard Cole, session guitarist Jim Sullivan and Jimmy Page's former girlfriend Pamela Des Barres recall some of the band's more outlandish antics on the road. The film also explores the influence of drummer John Bonham on Zeppelin's music, and examines how his death signalled the beginning of the end for the group.

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Jim Sullivan
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Richard Cole