Ice Road Truckers

Series 6 - 6. Blood, Sweat and Gears

Blood, Sweat and Gears

About this programme

6/16. In Manitoba, Rick Yemm and Hugh Rowland have to improvise a repair on a loose fuel tank using a tow strap, and are then pulled over to have the weight of their wagons checked. Ronald `Porkchop' Magnum gets another chance out on the Dalton Highway, but his caution frustrates convoy partner Darrell Ward, while Alex Debogorski has a rendezvous at Klondike Corner to switch trailers, but when he arrives there is no sign of his fellow trucker.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Thom Beers
Executive Producer
Jeff Conroy
Executive Producer
Philip David Segal
Series Producer
Brandon Killion