Series 12 - 14. Quintessence of Dust

Quintessence of Dust

About this programme

14/22. An unexpected visit by Jodie's husband leaves Clemente in the middle of a dangerous domestic dispute. Luka and Abby try to save a patient who's been shot, while waiting to see if test results show their baby is healthy. Dr Pratt is auctioned for charity, and finds everyone wants to be taken for dinner by an eligible bachelor. Medical drama, starring John Leguizamo, Goran Visnjic and Maura Tierney.

Cast and crew


Jodie Kenyon
Callie Thorne
Bobby Kenyon
Shea Whigham
Dr Victor Clemente
John Leguizamo
Dr Luka Kovac
Goran Visnjic
Abby Lockhart
Maura Tierney
Dr Gregory Pratt
Mekhi Phifer