Series 2 - 2. The Quick and the Dead

The Quick and the Dead

About this programme

2/13. Dr Rosen and the team track down bad alpha Eli Aquino who has taken two doctors hostage and apparently murdered one. However, when Eli appears to ask for Rosen's help in finding a clinic used for controversial brain wave experiments run by the doctor's arch-enemy Stanton Parish, the investigator is keen to be of assistance. Meanwhile, Cameron and Danielle agree to keep their relationship a secret fearing it could damage the dynamics of the team. Sci-fi drama, starring David Strathairn and C Thomas Howell.

Cast and crew


Dr Lee Rosen
David Strathairn
Gary Bell
Ryan Cartwright
Cameron Hicks
Warren Christie
Rachel Pirzad
Azita Ghanizada
Nina Theroux
Laura Mennell
Bill Harken
Malik Yoba
Nathan Clay
Mahershala Ali
Danielle Rosen
Kathleen Munroe
Stanton Parish
John Pyper-Ferguson
Dr Jay Westman
Brian Kaulback
Dr Lance Casey
Phillip Jarrett


Michael Nankin
Executive Producer
Ira Stephen Behr
Executive Producer
Zak Penn
Executive Producer
Gail Berman
Executive Producer
Lloyd Braun
Executive Producer
Gene Stein
Executive Producer
Robert Hewitt Wolfe