Series 1 - Episode 2

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Nigella Lawson assures us that her attempt at an Italian gelato is “so simple, it’s almost embarrassing”. Her “no churn, one-step coffee ice-cream” certainly looks sumptuous, particularly when squashed in a brioche bun for pud. Nigella’s lunch guests in these programmes are so flipping lucky.

Tonight, she serves them her Italian roast chicken with barley risotto, rounded off with a “desirably squidgy” chocolate cake and that home-made ice-cream. If none of that appeals (really? why not?) then there’s always her linguini (“those blonde tresses”) with smoked mackerel, which Lawson tells us is an “easy go-to supper or lunch”.

About this programme

2/6. Nigella Lawson demonstrates how to prepare a range of straightforward yet sumptuous Italian dishes, including her recipe for roast chicken with saffron orzotto. She also creates two desserts - coffee ice-cream and a chocolate olive-oil cake - and a pasta dish with courgettes that is ideal for late-night snacking.

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Nigella Lawson


Dominic Cyriax
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Peter Lawrence
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Jennifer Fazey