Murdoch Mysteries

Series 3 - 10. The Curse of Beaton Manor

The Curse of Beaton Manor

About this programme

10/13. The detective investigates after aristocrat Chauncey Beaton is found dead at his stately home, having fallen from a balcony. Bizarrely some of the servants report hearing Beaton shout his half-brother's name just before the incident, but the relative concerned had committed suicide some time earlier. Murdoch must decide whether the man took his own life or was the victim of a murder. Yannick Bisson stars.

Cast and crew


Det William Murdoch
Yannick Bisson
Insp Brackenreid
Thomas Craig
Dr Julia Ogden
Helene Joy
Cons Crabtree
Jonny Harris
Cons Higgins
Lachlan Murdoch
Byron Beaton
Jonathan Goad
Ronald Beaton
Jordan Pettle
Rowena Beaton
Stephanie Langton
Timothy Beaton
Michael Xavier
Chauncey Beaton
Matt Bois
William Godfrey
Roy Lewis


John L'Ecuyer
Paul Aitken