The Thick of It

Series 4 - Episode 4

The Thick of It
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) is back with us, storming around like an angry undertaker, plotting against lame-duck party leader Nicola Murray (Rebecca Front).

To orchestrate her downfall, he has deliberately put her on a train to Bradford while he sets off various PR bombs. But he needs Olly to help,
and Olly is in hospital. Malcolm visits, with a bouquet, and Olly is touched. ”Did you actually buy me flowers, Malcolm?” he splutters. “No, no,” protests the lethal aide. ”It’s one of the many advantages of living near an accident blackspot.”

The lavishly profane Malcolm-scenes are intercut with a frantic Nicola trying to salvage her political career from a train carriage, without the TV crew who are following her noticing. And Rebecca Front does panic brilliantly.

About this programme

4/7. Nicola boards a train to Bradford for a party event, accompanied by a TV news crew, and Malcolm tries to take advantage of the situation by escalating his plan to remove her as leader of the opposition. However, co-conspirator Olly is stuck in hospital - and persuading Ben Swain to join the bloodless coup proves infuriatingly tricky. Guest starring Miles Jupp (Rev).

Cast and crew


Malcolm Tucker
Peter Capaldi
Olly Reeder
Chris Addison
Nicola Murray
Rebecca Front
Helen Hatley
Rebecca Gethings
Glenn Cullen
James Smith
Dan Miller
Tony Gardner
John Duggan
Miles Jupp
Cathy Hastings
Lucy Briers
Ben Swain
Justin Edwards
Zahra Ahmadi


Becky Martin
Adam Tandy
Armando Iannucci
Sean Gray