An Island Parish

Series 7 - 5. Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

In another riot of cheerful inconsequentiality, the revamped local supermarket gets an electric door, “a first for Sark”, we’re told. The shop has lots more storage space and another exciting feature – somewhere indoors to keep the shopping trolleys, which means they no longer have to sit in the garden.

Elsewhere, a lady with the glorious name of Puffin, a tireless fundraiser for Sark’s medical charities (there is no National Health Service), tries to gain some valuable publicity by thrusting promotional mugs into the hands of the visiting Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. The royals are very game, though leave in their helicopter before the annual sheep race, a big event in the island’s social calendar.

About this programme

5/6. With beautiful summer sunshine finally reaching Sark, the islanders are out in force to welcome a royal visitor. Carnival committee chair Puffin Taylour is also finalising plans for the biggest event in the island's calendar - the annual sheep-racing competition. Methodist minister Karen Le Mouton receives exciting news that may have serious implications for her life on the island.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Ruth Pitt
Series Producer
Anthony Palmer