Blue Bloods

Series 3 - 1. Family Business

Family Business

About this programme

1/23. New York City police commissioner Frank Reagan finds himself dealing with the fallout of an accidental shooting. Meanwhile, a dangerous criminal from Danny's past returns to the city and kidnaps Jackie. Drama, guest starring Michael Madsen, with Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg.

Cast and crew


Frank Reagan
Tom Selleck
Danny Reagan
Donnie Wahlberg
Benjamin Walker
Michael Madsen
Erin Reagan-Boyle
Bridget Moynahan
Jamie Reagan
Will Estes
Henry Reagan
Len Cariou
Linda Reagan
Amy Carlson
Jackie Curatola
Jennifer Esposito
Nicky Reagan-Boyle
Sami Gayle
Anthony Renzulli
Nicholas Turturro
Garrett Moore
Gregory Jbara
Melissa Baker
Abigail Hawk
Vinny Cruz
Sebastian Sozzi


Alex Chapple
Brian Burns