Series 1 - 8. The Long Fuse

The Long Fuse
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About this programme

8/24. Holmes is asked to investigate a bombing in New York, which caused the deaths of two people. Sifting through the evidence, he unearths a crime that has lain dormant for years and his search for the truth leads him to the wily CEO of a PR firm whom he suspects has something to hide. Meanwhile, Watson insists Holmes select a sponsor to support his sobriety at the rehab group. Modern-day Sherlock Holmes adventure, guest starring Lisa Edelstein (House) and Ato Essandoh (Blood Diamond), with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

Cast and crew


Sherlock Holmes
Jonny Lee Miller
Joan Watson
Lucy Liu
Thomas `Tommy' Gregson
Aidan Quinn
Det Marcus Bell
Jon Michael Hill
Ty Morstan
Bill Heck
Heather Vanowen
Lisa Edelstein
Alfredo Llamosa
Ato Essandoh


Rob Doherty