Series 2 - 11. In Memoriam

In Memoriam
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Review by:
David Butcher

Is there a mole in the CIA team? It’s a question that has dogged Homeland fans since the middle of last season. There are plenty of candidates. Remember when that polygraph showed Saul was lying? Remember how he was so keen to sideline Carrie just as Brody’s attack was coming to fruition?

Then again, it couldn’t be wise, good-hearted Saul, could it? David Estes, the burly CIA chief, is a possibility, given he, too, has always been keen to thwart Carrie’s best efforts. Or what about his mysterious placeman, Quinn, somewhat suspiciously the only survivor from the Gettysburg shoot-out? The question of a mole is troubling Carrie as well, but it may already be too late in the day.

About this programme

11/12. Dangerously close to exhaustion, Carrie continues her hunt for Nazir and begins to suspect there is a mole in the CIA. Roya reveals her true colours under interrogation and Saul finds himself fighting to save his career under unexpected circumstances. Meanwhile, the Brodys struggle to maintain something close to a state of sanity. Thriller, starring Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin and Mandy Patinkin.

Cast and crew


Carrie Mathison
Claire Danes
Nicholas Brody
Damian Lewis
Jessica Brody
Morena Baccarin
David Estes
David Harewood
Saul Berenson
Mandy Patinkin
Dana Brody
Morgan Saylor
Chris Brody
Jackson Pace
Roya Hammad
Zuleikha Robinson