Last Tango in Halifax

Series 1 - Episode 4

Last Tango in Halifax
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Now that Alan and Celia have accidentally been shut in a stately home, their anxious families can have a long, difficult and revelatory night as they wait for news.

It’s a ridiculous plot device, but at least it allows daughters Caroline and Gillian to reach an understanding as they are locked together by worry.

As for the two elderly lovebirds (Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi), they are oblivious to the ructions back in
Halifax and Harrogate, and are happily planning their future together as they play cards by candlelight. Then suddenly things get all Secrets of Crickley Hall when they hear a ghost…

It feels like a turning-point episode in Sally Wainwright’s drama, when we learn more about the sorrows of the past, and everyone, particularly Caroline (Sarah Lancashire), decides it’s time to seize some happiness.

About this programme

4/6. Alan and Celia's disappearance has everyone in a panic, so a search party is organised, and when Gillian and Caroline come together in their shared concern, the future step-sisters forge a new bond. Meanwhile, oblivious to all the fuss they have caused, the elderly lovebirds are locked in the spooky Southowram Hall - but while she is worried ghosts are present, he is secretly concerned about chest pains. Sally Wainwright's drama, starring Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid, Sarah Lancashire and Nicola Walker.

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Alan Buttershaw
Derek Jacobi
Celia Dawson
Anne Reid
Caroline Elliot
Sarah Lancashire
Gillian Greenwood
Nicola Walker
Raff Greenwood
Josh Bolt
John Elliot
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William Elliot
Edward Ashley
Lawrence Elliot
Louis Greatorex
Kate McKenzie
Nina Sosanya
Robbie Greenwood
Dean Andrews
Paul Jatri
Sacha Dhawan
Ronni Ancona
Roy Barraclough
Paul Copley
John Paul Hurley
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Wendy Patterson
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Sam Donovan
Karen Lewis
Sally Wainwright