Inside Claridge's

Series 1 - Episode 2

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

“When you greet a lady, it has to be done in a certain way,” says Claridge’s impeccable general manager, Thomas Kochs, as we see Joan Collins welcomed into this oasis of civility and manners.

Ms Collins loves Claridge’s: “I look for total luxury,” she tells film-maker Jane Treays. “It’s very spoiling… that’s what it should be with a hotel.” Stephen Fry is another celebrity fan: “I could easily live here quite happily.”

It’s a lovely escapist hour where you can let yourself be embraced by perfectly made beds (“I am thinking of the edging… the corners do not look good,” says a housekeeper) and the delights of elegantly cut sandwiches. Maybe you could dream of staying in the £6,900-a-night penthouse. Just a thought.

About this programme

2/3. Regular guest Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia, returns to stay in the suite in which he was born in 1945. There are also visits by actress Joan Collins, QI host Stephen Fry and the Emperor of Japan, as well as 85-year-old former bookmaker Gerry Parker, who has breakfasted at Claridge's for the past 40 years. General manager Thomas Kochs takes any change very seriously and oversees every decision necessary - from new alarm clocks to a £10million renovation plan.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Emma Tutty
Executive Producer
Magnus Temple
Series Director
Jane Treays
Series Producer
Jane Treays