Pound Shops R Us

Pound Shops R Us
Radio Times
Review by:
Laurence Joyce

Ever been in a pound shop? Ever wondered how they manage to sell mainstream brands so cheaply? And what about that set of Our Brand screwdrivers for £1? Where have they come from? If you’ve never heard of Yiwu in Zhejiang Province — China’s booming small commodity manufacturing city — or don’t know what a “window of embarrassment” is, this factoid-filled programme will bring you up to speed.

BBC business correspondent Jonty Bloom conducts a whistlestop tour of the rapidly expanding pound shop universe, from the big bang ten years ago to the end of this year, talking to psychologists, professors, punters and shopkeepers along the way.

About this programme

BBC Business Correspondent Jonty Bloom explores the rise of pound shops and assesses what their popularity says about the public as a whole, with contributions by psychologists, academics, customers and retailers. The quality of the stock is also inspected as it is tracked from production sites in China and onto the shelves of UK stores.

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