Analysing the Child Sex Offender

Analysing the Child Sex Offender
Radio Times
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Jane Anderson

Susie Orbach, the noted author, psychotherapist and feminist thinker, has spent years researching the psychology of sex offenders. She is clear in her mind on the self-loathing of such people — “With sexual violence, what the victim is receiving is the self-hatred of the individual who is expressing that pain and upset that is inside of them in a very explosive manner.”

But how can such knowledge help society understand, identify and rehabilitate offenders? She is joined for this difficult analysis by Anthony Beech, a professor in criminological psychology

About this programme

Psychotherapist and author Susie Orbach investigates the mind of a child sex abuser, in a bid to establish how much is understood about the psychology of the offenders. Featuring research and contributions by criminal psychologist Anthony Beech and professor of psychiatry James Cantor of the University of Toronto.

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Susie Orbach
Anthony Beech
James Cantor


Marya Burgess
Sarah Bowen

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