An Idiot Abroad

Series 3 - 2. An Idiot Abroad 3

An Idiot Abroad 3
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James Gill

Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis’s jaunt from Venice to China acting as Ricky Gervais’s comedic pincushions lands them in India this week. Karl does a great job of sending up the conventional TV travelogue when he compares the frantic activity of a Mumbai train station to a Primark sale. Ouch.

Things take a darker turn, however, when Karl insists they visit conjoined twins known locally as “the Spider Sisters”. Gervais may be off camera, but his close-to-the-bone humour has left its stamp: “I don’t want it to be one of those tacky shows where it’s just pure exploitation,” he tells Warwick over the phone. It’s a fine line.

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2/3. The odd couple's trip continues via India, one of Karl Pilkington's least favourite destinations from his previous travels. To get him in the right frame of mind, his companion Warwick Davis introduces him to laughing yoga, before they land roles in a Bollywood movie, watch the sun set over the River Ganges and clown around at the circus, where Karl experiences his first real holiday highlight when he meets conjoined twins.

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