Episode 3491

About this programme

Doug becomes anxious to return to his father's side, but Ste continues to worry about what he might be leaving behind if he moves to America. Ruby begrudgingly accepts Esther's support as the day of the crash inquest arrives, and Tony forbids a heartbroken Cindy from paying her final respects to Rhys.

Cast and crew


Bart McQueen
Jonny Clarke
Brendan Brady
Emmett J Scanlan
Carmel Valentine
Gemma Merna
Cheryl Brady
Bronagh Waugh
Cindy Hutchinson
Stephanie Waring
Darren Osborne
Ashley Taylor Dawson
Diane O'Connor
Alex Fletcher
Dirk Savage
David Kennedy
Mark `Dodger' Savage
Danny Mac
Doug Carter
PJ Brennan
Esther Bloom
Jazmine Franks
Frankie Osborne
Helen Pearson
George Smith
Steven Roberts
Jack Osborne
James McKenna
Jacqui Ashworth
Claire Cooper
Joel Dexter
Andrew Still
Liberty Savage
Abi Phillips
Maxine Minniver
Nikki Sanderson
Mercedes Fisher
Jennifer Metcalfe
Mitzeee Minniver
Rachel Shenton
Myra McQueen
Nicole Barber-Lane
Nancy Osborne
Jessica Fox
Patrick Blake
Jeremy Sheffield
Phoebe Jackson
Mandip Gill
Ruby Button
Anna Shaffer
Sienna Blake
Emily Lawrance
Sinead O'Connor
Stephanie Davis
Kieron Richardson
Texas Longford
Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove
Theresa McQueen
Jorgie Porter
Tilly Evans
Lucy Dixon
Tony Hutchinson
Nick Pickard
Will Savage
James Atherton
Billy Branson
Michael Parr
Julia Montgomery Brown
Dylan Shaw
Mikey Riddington-Smith
Elizabeth Morrison
Helen Grace
Todd Boyce
Suzanne Ashworth
Suzanne Hall


Alex Jacob
Tom Higgins

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