Unreported World

Episode 6. Egypt: Sex, Mobs and Revolution

Egypt: Sex, Mobs and Revolution
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Once again Unreported World paints a depressing picture, this time of
daily life for women in Egypt. On the streets of Cairo, sexual harassment is now routine. We get an idea just how routine when reporter Ramita Navai walks down the street with one of her interviewees and they are called “whores“ by passing men a dozen times.

Another woman shockingly describes how a crowd attacked her during a demonstration at Tahrir Square; such mob attacks, where women’s clothes are torn off in public by groups of men, have become common. Wearing the niqab offers no protection and the police won’t help: they blame the women.

About this programme

Reporter Ramita Navai travels to Egypt to investigate the increase in sexual assaults on women. The programme reveals claims that young men are being paid to carry out mob attacks on females - incidents said to have started under the Mubarak regime and suspected by some to be continuing.

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