Ice Road Truckers

Series 6 - 14. Chopping Block

Chopping Block

About this programme

14/16. Alex Debogorski has to negotiate the recently reopened Hurricane Alley as he hauls a volatile load of compressed gases used for welding, while Austin Wheeler readies a trailer holding a huge digger he is to carry up the Dalton to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. Hugh Rowland and his convoy partner Vlad Pleskot have to clean up the mess after Rick Yemm fails to strap down his load properly, while Carlile boss Lane Keator calls Ronald `Porkchop' Mangum into the office in Fairbanks for a talk.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Thom Beers
Executive Producer
Philip David Segal
Executive Producer
Jeff Conroy
Series Producer
Brandon Killion