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Series 35 - 10. Wightwick Manor 1

Wightwick Manor 1
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Jane Rackham

“On a scale of things that people don’t want, it goes from rabies to the Black Death and then cut crystal,” says expert Andy McConnell, explaining the low market value of a cut glass bowl, despite its admirable workmanship. Many of the other items brought in by visitors to Wightwick Manor in the West Midlands are worth something though – a portrait by American painter Earl Hoffmann and a brass eagle lectern among them – yet their owners insist they won’t be parting with their treasures. One of those visitors made an especially long journey to be there – all the way from Oman – while another will be familiar to cricket fans. It’s Ted Dexter.

About this programme

10/25. Fiona Bruce and the team travel to Wightwick Manor near Wolverhampton, where more hopeful members of the public bring along their treasured antiques and collectibles to hear their stories and find out their worth. Items include a rare 18th-century lidded glass goblet and remnants of German parachute silk used in the Second World War for something other than its original purpose. There is also an appearance by former cricketer Ted Dexter, who brings in a special piece with a surprising family history.

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