Something Understood

The Gloaming

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Anderson

The combination of music, prose and poetry normally make for a popular programme. But in the long-running history of Something Understood a strange divide has occurred.

It is to the devoted fans of radio what Marmite is to the human tongue: people love it or hate it. Some fellow radio critics, whose opinions I hold in high esteem, consider it to be pompous, pretentious and self-indulgent.

I sit firmly in the other camp of people who find it the most comforting way to ease into a Sunday morning. I relish the soft links between thoughts, sounds and ideas. And so this themed special on twilight — at the end of or the start of the day — by Sarah Cuddon, one of the core producers of Radio 4’s The Reunion, will provide aural succour while I am eating my Marmite fingers. Pretentious? Moi?

About this programme

Broadcaster Sarah Cuddon considers the special qualities of twilight, the meditative atmosphere at the start and end of day, and reveals why artists and photographers call these the `blue hours'. She also examines the work of writers who have also sought to capture the unique properties of `the gloaming'. Includes themed music by Radiohead and Richard Strauss.

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