The Secret Power of Trees

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Anderson

In a timely piece of scheduling to acknowledge developments in ash dieback disease, Radio 4 embarks upon a small season of four programmes devoted to trees.

This opening delight, in the company of writer and performer Ian Marchant, asks whether trees are good for us: physically, psychologically and spiritually. Does the fact that we Brits associate forests with Winnie the Pooh and Mole and Ratty mean that we perceive swathes of trees to be cheering, while our brethren in Germany see dark Walds as home to child-eating witches?

It’s a chipper way to start the season.

About this programme

Ian Marchant explores the changing roles of Britain's forests over the years, as the rise in social forestry is transforming them from sources of timber into eco-friendly therapy centres. He reveals doctors in Japan urge patients to take part in `forest air bathing', and asks whether woodlands have genuine healing properties.

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