Crime Stories

Series 1 - Episode 17

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

The documentary realism of ITV1’s daily crime series has managed to fool a few casual viewers into thinking they’ve mistakenly stumbled on some sort of Crimewatch reconstruction — albeit with actors who look familiar.

Today’s story is about a nurse (Jamelia Davis) who becomes a victim of stalking: Detective Inspector Jane Preston and Detective Sergeant Ben Shaw (Jane Antrobus and Ben Hull) need to establish whether her tormentor is a man or a woman. The nurse’s clothes and photographs have been disturbed but, with no sign of a break-in, the detectives begin to suspect one of her flat mates may be responsible.

About this programme

17/20. Preston and Shaw are assigned to the case of nurse Alice Dixon, who believes she has a stalker. The detectives suspect one of her two flatmates is responsible - either radiographer Adam Mason or insecure fellow nurse Polly Andrews, but they cannot decide which one. Guest starring singer Jamelia, with Jane Antrobus and Ben Hull.

Cast and crew


DS Ben Shaw
Ben Hull
DI Jane Preston
Jane Antrobus
Alice Dixon
Jamelia Davis
Jeremy West
Marcus Patrick
Polly Andrews
Anna Acton
Adam Mason
Martino Lazzeri


Executive Producer
Paul Marquess