The Fear

Series 1 - Episode 1

The Fear
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

If you like your crime thrillers dark, nasty and old-school, try this. We’re in Brighton, where underworld boss Richie has made himself respectable, funding a regeneration of the West Pier and wafting around town in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes. But something isn’t right. Richie is behaving oddly, attacking a unicyclist and drinking for the first time in years. He also gets flashbacks: the past is bleeding into the present.

But Richie has a more pressing problem: black-clad Albanian criminals (the kind of amoral East European thugs beloved of TV writers) are moving onto Richie’s patch, bringing trafficked young women and a new level of violence. “They’re just evil, evil b******s,” says Richie’s son, Cal. “Yeah, well, so am I,” is Richie’s answer, and you feel a clash of empires
in the offing. There are shades of sagas like Boardwalk Empire or The Long Good Friday, dramas where old-school villains confront a new reality, but here with an added mental health dimension. The tale continues nightly until Thursday.

About this programme

1/4. Drama about the life of a crime boss-turned-entrepreneur battling two new enemies - Albanian gangsters and an aggressive form of early onset dementia. Richie Beckett is now a respected, if still feared, member of the Brighton business community, but recently something has been unsettling him - he's forgetful, irritable and not sleeping. To make matters worse, the less legitimate side of his enterprise, now run by his two sons, is under threat from newcomer Marin and his family. While youngest son Matty believes they can do business with them, his elder sibling Cal is intent on asserting the Becketts' power. Starring Peter Mullan, Harry Lloyd, Paul Nicholls and Anastasia Hille.

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Richie Beckett
Peter Mullan
Jo Beckett
Anastasia Hille
Matty Beckett
Harry Lloyd
Cal Beckett
Paul Nicholls
Demosthenes Chrysan
Dragos Bucur
Shaban Arifi
Julia Ragnarsson
Danny Sapani
John Freeman
Simon Armstrong
Janice Goodchild
Michelle Bonnard
Nigel Lindsay
Eddie Timms
Daniel Caltagirone
Mayor Brian Cavendish
Des McAleer
Sidney Kean
Lisa McAllister
Eline Powell
Jamie Martin
Milton's girl
Catherine Winter
Sean Jackson


Michael Samuels
Executive Producer
Simon Heath
Executive Producer
Paul Stevens
Executive Producer
Richard Cottan
Timothy Bricknell
Richard Cottan