Between the Ears


Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

The best way to listen to this is to get a pair of high-range headphones, lie down in a darkened room, and immerse yourself in the dizzying sonic environment that sound designer Nick Ryan has created to describe an inner-ear condition.

Voices recede into the distance, sounds swirl around, conversations collide on top of each other, and woozy fairground music plays. In the midst is Ryan, trying to make sense of a world in which one of his senses is playing tricks on his mind — by the end he has decided that without our senses we are just “unclothed insects scrabbling about in the dark”.

When I finished listening, his soundscape had affected me to such a degree that I felt the voice reading the credits was somehow not human.

About this programme

A personal journey by sound designer Nick Ryan into the dizzying and disorientating effects of a balance disorder, in which he confronts experiences from his past. The programme follows him as he builds a game-world through which players must navigate using only their hearing. With contributions from Cath Le Couteur, Gillian Ryan, Jeremy Corcoran, Paul Bennun, Rahul Kanegaonkar and Rachel Ritchie.

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Jeremy Mortimer