Live at the Apollo

Series 8 - 3. Kevin Bridges, Phill Jupitus and Sara Pascoe

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

The recession is preying on the minds of tonight’s stand-up comedians. Sara Pascoe has a solution to credit card debt: make chip and pin machines talk like disapproving parents (“But you’ve already got a coat!”). Host Kevin Bridges is on flying form, dissecting the financial crisis: “Europe’s skint, America’s skint,” he notes sadly. “I hope Africa have got some good rock bands, because we need a concert.”

But the surprise of the show is Phill Jupitus, who comes on with the moody confidence of a man with nothing to prove. He doesn’t bother with gags; he just does one long, taboo-torturing routine about dealing with his daughter’s boyfriend. It’s like a whole sitcom boiled down to one routine, and it’s brilliant.

About this programme

3/6. Kevin Bridges hosts the stand-up show from the Hammersmith Apollo in London, warming up the audience before introducing routines by DJ, Buzzcocks regular and all-round funnyman Phill Jupitus and actress-comedienne Sara Pascoe, making her Apollo debut.

Cast and crew


Kevin Bridges
Phill Jupitus
Sara Pascoe


Paul Wheeler
Executive Producer
Andrew Beint
Executive Producer
Addison Cresswell
Executive Producer
Joe Norris
Series Producer
Anthony Caveney