Series 14 - 139. Blip

About this programme

139/221. Chris wants Gary to realise the severity of his illness before it is too late, while Rob throws a party for the last day of Movember. Medical drama series set in the Midlands, starring Nathan Wright and Charles Lawson.

Cast and crew


Dr Heston Carter
Owen Brenman
Dr Emma Reid
Dido Miles
Dr Al Haskey
Ian Midlane
Mandy Marquez
Danielle Henry
Chris Reid
Nathan Wright
Howard Bellamy
Ian Kelsey
Karen Hollins
Jan Pearson
Rob Hollins
Chris Walker
Valerie Pitman
Sarah Moyle
DCI Driver
Elizabeth Rider
Gary Davies
Charles Lawson
Andy Davies
Peter Mitchell
Matt Wheatley
Michael Moreland


Carol Harding
Series Producer
Mike Hobson
Series Producer
Peter Eryl Lloyd