Grand Hotel

Series 1 - 3. El Cuchillo De Ora

About this programme

3/9. The gold knife used to kill a woman in the town is discovered in Don Javier's room and taken to his mother Dona Teresa Alarcon. Proving she will do anything to protect her family and hotel, she advises her son to frame one of the servants. However, he makes a foolish choice when picking his victim. Meanwhile, Julio pursues his quest to unravel the mystery of his sister's disappearance. Spanish period drama, starring Yon Gonzalez.

Cast and crew


Julio Olmedo
Yon Gonzalez
Dona Teresa
Adriana Ozores
Javier Alarcon
Eloy Azorín
Alfredo Vergara
Fele Martinez
Manuel de Blas
Alicia Alarcon
Amaia Salamanca


Carlos Sedes